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The Learjet 60 is a top-of-the-range beautifully designed midsize jet, and an excellent choice for any long-haul journey where luxury and comfort is paramount.
With an immaculate corporate interior, the cabin comfortably accommodates up to 7 passengers in club seating formation, and the aircraft is fitted with the latest technology, including high speed wireless internet, MP3 ports and LED lighting.

With an air hostess on board, you can expect First-Class service all the way to your destination, and enjoy gourmet dining above the clouds. Unwind onto the lie-flat bedding onboard, and relax in true luxury in the sky.

Due to its higher operating altitudes (certified to fly at 51,000ft), the Learjet is able to climb above disruptive weather conditions and avoid air traffic, providing a smooth flight and flying you on the most direct route to your destination, making it one of the fastest midsized jets on the market.

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