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Welcome Aboard!

When you choose to fly with Avcair, we pledge to deliver excellence. We’re dedicated to continually upgrading our levels of service and delivering the highest private aviation experience possible.

We’re committed to ensuring that our core values are paramount in your experience, and that every experience with Avcair is an excellent one.

Our Core Values

We are all about exceptional service. We demand of ourselves the highest level of customer care and have a constant disposition to serve all whom we engage with. We are in a service industry. Our motto is “How can I serve?”

We are all about meticulous attention to detail. We offer an exceptional and individually personalised service to our clients, and our commitment to providing the greatest experience translates to the highest level of client safety, security and reliability.

We are all about unsurpassed luxury. First-rate service means not only providing the comfort, convenience, and attention to detail that our clients require, but elevating their experience to a new level that is precisely tailored to their unique needs and expectations.

The Avcair Experience is a culmination of the passion, rich history and aviation expertise of our team, to ensure our client’s private aviation experience is the best it can be.

From the high-level operations to the finest detail, Avcair’s culture of excellence is at the heart of everything that we do.

Flying privately with Avcair guarantees unrivalled comfort and luxury, and with our cohesive, dedicated and highly efficient team, we can cater to your specific needs at a very personal level. Our concierge service can arrange all ground transportation, off-site clearances and the ability to board minutes before take-off ensures efficient management of your time.

Our first-class aircraft services ensure a luxurious experience in the sky. All dietary requests can be catered for, and our gourmet offerings extend far beyond any one menu.

A sample menu can be viewed here.

For short-haul jet charter flights, our aircrafts have a selection of premium snacks and refreshments available on-board.
For longer flights, full meals are served according to your requests. All orders must be placed prior to your flight.

premium catering

We understand that your security, privacy and convenience is essential, and Avcair can individually tailor all travel plans to suit your requirements, both on the ground and in the air.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service and an exclusive seat on an impressive aircraft, every single time.