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Avcair history – Flying for over 100 years!

The Cooke Family is the oldest Australian flying family, having been in the air since 1915. Four generations of Cooke pilots have owned, managed, flown and operated military, private and commercial aircraft. With aviation blood inherited from previous generations, aviation is not something you do, it’s something you become. Since 2001, Avcair has built a solid reputation as being a leader in aircraft management and private jet charter services. Avcair earned this reputation by delivering unparalleled service whilst exceeding all expectations.


First-rate service means not only providing the comfort, convenience, and attention to detail that our clients require, but elevating the experience to a new level that is precisely tailored to your unique needs and expectations.

Avcair’s clientele all return for one thing. Exceptional service and an exclusive seat on an impressive aircraft. Avcair proudly deliver you, your team or your family to your destination safely, with unmatched comfort and the ultimate in luxury.


Avcair’s unsurpassable commitment to providing the highest level of client safety and security, translates into an impeccable safety record, and recognition from third party audit companies for setting and surpassing rigorous industry-specified safety standards.

Specialists, policies, and procedures that ensure continual improvement internally support Avcair’s comprehensive safety and security programs. Avcair consistently goes above and beyond to keep you, your passengers, and your aircraft safe and secure at all times. Additionally, we provide real-time threat assessments for all current and future travel plans, and provide specialty emergency training to crew members, to deal with inflight emergencies of all kinds.