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This service combines the skillset of our flight operations team and the Avcair Services team to offer an end-to-end integrated trip support solution.

What Avcair Services Offer:

  • Offer passenger and ground handling services at Brisbane Airport, 24/7
  • Be available 24/7 to refuel your aircraft, at the most competitive price
  • Provide access to our Valet Lounge: with complimentary refreshments, rest areas, private workspaces, television, and Wi-Fi
  • Coordinate logistics, transport, and international clearance
  • Provide access to a hire car for crew use in Brisbane
  • Offer both water and lavatory services upon request
  • Offer an interior cleaning service, including a certified COVID clean.
  • Organise crew accommodation & transportation bookings
  • Provide both crew and passenger catering services
  • Offer end to end solutions for every crew member so that they can safely complete their duty in case of unforeseen events
  • Save you money on each handling movement and service here in Brisbane!

*subject to availability/where required

Utilising any service, you agree to Avcair Services credit terms, Standard Ground Handling Agreement, privacy & safety policies and general terms and conditions available at

Avcair Services