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Aeromedical Services

Avcair meets the requirements of international aeromedical standards. Our professional medivac services provide specialised aeromedical stretchers and loading systems designed to minimise risk of further injury during transit and transfer operations.

Our medivac aircraft service both domestic and international locations and are flown by highly experienced pilots. As leading specialist in remote medical and aeromedical retrieval, Avcair is your first choice when it comes to Air Ambulance services.

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Bombardier Learjet 60

Capacity – 1 Patient, 2 Medical staff, 3 PAX, 2 Pilots
High speed cruise – 846 km/h (457kt)
Maximum altitude – 51,000 feet
Passenger temperature controls
Lie flat beds available
Private bathroom
Galley and refreshment station
Multimedia screens

Medivac Configuration

Specialist Aircraft

The Learjet is able to be configured into an Air Ambulance, comfortably fitting a patient stretcher and all medical equipment. Where every second counts, the Learjet will have the patient in the air and to the hospital in record time.

Due to its higher operating altitudes (certified to fly at 51,000ft), the Learjet is able to climb above disruptive weather conditions and avoid air traffic, providing a smooth flight and flying you on the most direct route to your destination, making it one of the fastest mid-sized jets on the market.

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