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Aircraft ownership can provide ultimate levels of privacy, productivity, and timesaving’s. Having to manage an aircraft however can quickly reverse many of those associated benefits. From crewing and maintenance, to flight operations and regulatory compliance, aircraft management is complex. That is the reason why many owners elect to work with an Aircraft Management Company who can ensure all the benefits of aircraft ownership, without any of the hassles.

Avcair has principles deeply rooted in safety, security, and exceptional service.

Cost Savings

Avcair’s solutions cover all aspects of aircraft ownership. With broad operational expertise and strong supplier relationships, Avcair can pass on significant discounts and other cost and timesaving benefits to our clients. Our desire to be transparent guarantees we deliver the most cost effective results to you.

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Flight Operations

Avcair provides a full ‘turn-key’ solution to all its Aircraft Management and Charter clients, covering crew, flight, and all service operations and requirements.

Risk Management

Avcair will assess your operational, regulatory, security and financial risks, and achieve greater safety and security goals for you and your aircraft. Rigorous programs such as an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Safety Management System (SMS) elevate you and your aircraft to an exceptional level of preparedness for any potential situation.

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Personnel and Finance Administration

By selecting and allowing only the best in the industry to serve as your crew, Avcair’s Comprehensive Aircraft Management program manages all the daily details of your aircraft’s personnel requirements, including payroll and employment taxes.

Avcair will recruit, hire, and train your crew, as well as manage employee relationships and facilitate conflict resolution. Additionally, Avcair’s finance team will work closely with your financial representative to provide customised invoices tailored to your needs. Each invoice is reviewed and audited for all aircraft-related costs and included in one simple monthly statement for your convenience.

Aircraft Maintenance

Avcair’s chosen maintenance organisations operate under the most stringent maintenance procedures in private aviation today. Your aircraft is continuously monitored by specialised maintenance controllers, providing extensive support to keep your aircraft flightworthy. Team members continually improve safety operations by participating in comprehensive annual maintenance training programs.

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Crew Services

Avcair demands the highest standards and quality from all crew members. Avcair’s stringent flying standards ensure absolute safety, security and reliability, and the integrity, dedication and service from our crew is our quintessence.

Client Benefits and Empty Legs

Avcair’s client’s benefits include exclusive discounts on other Avcair charter flights when supplemental flights are required. We are proud to offer discounted and competitive pricing on any of our empty leg flights to our clients.

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Aircraft Sales, Acquisition and Brokerage

Avcair offers comprehensive aircraft brokerage, acquisition, and disposition services to our Aircraft Management clients and other entities interested in purchasing or selling an aircraft.

As an industry-leader with long-standing relationships with numerous aviation professionals, Avcair has access to an extensive and exclusive network of aircraft owners, brokers, buyers, and sellers. Avcair’s aircraft sales and brokerage team handle the entire transaction for you. This includes the initial consultation, marketing and promoting the aircraft, and all the details associated with closing and completing the sale.

Aviation Planning

Gain access to Avcair’s expertise, knowledge, and global reach to assist in making fully informed decisions about your current and future aircraft ownership. Avcair’s experienced professionals will help you understand your options and create a sustainable plan for your future in aviation.

Choose from Avcair’s broad portfolio of planning and consulting services, including aircraft valuations and current market reports, scheduled maintenance and refurbishment action plans, and future aircraft requirement evaluations. We can also make recommendations for technical improvement initiatives.

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