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Travel tailored to your needs

Avcair offers an Executive Jet Charter service that is specifically tailored to meet our corporate clients’ needs. We recognise that service, convenience and impeccable time management is crucial to your company’s Executives, and we make it our priority to ensure that any experience with Avcair is stress free and of the highest standard.

Travelling by private jet enables your company’s senior personnel and business professionals to efficiently maximise their time, and allow strict daily schedules between meetings or multi-stop site visits, be fulfilled.

We charter to many obscure destinations in Australia’s States and Territories. The size of our aircraft means that we can land in small remote airfields all over Australia, many of which are not even serviced by regional airlines. With Avcair you have access to more airports and can arrive closer to your final destination than a scheduled commercial service would allow.

Avcair is based in Brisbane but our travel ambition knows no bounds. With access to a vast fleet of jets and other aircraft based all over Australia, our planes have flown into countless airports across the country and throughout the Pacific Region. Our Corporate service seamlessly delivers you from remote outback airstrips to major commercial hubs with ease and convenience.

Avcair services the major business districts of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth, and our private jets are poised to take your party to where it needs to be in comfort and superior style.

All of Avcair’s flights leave from a private terminal, meaning your party avoid any queues, unexpected delays and unnecessary time in transit. Passengers can board the aircraft minutes before departure, again ensuring the most efficient use of company time.
The opportunity to prepare and deliver presentations and confidential briefings are another advantage of private charter, and with Avcair you can ensure a flawlessly executed experience every time you travel.

Hiring a corporate jet gives you the flexibility to explore international destinations according to your own schedule, and whether private travel is used as a strategy to win some business or treat your existing clients, you can trust Avcair to offer an exceptional standard of luxurious and personalised service.