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Private jet hire denotes high levels of standard; and luxury, convenience, comfort and discretion are the main advantages to flying privately. Avcair proudly offer these core values on every flight and impeccable attention to detail and a personalised service that you will simply not find elsewhere.

Avcair is the preferred charter carrier for many dignitaries, government agencies, sports teams and celebrities, and to us, first-rate service means not only providing you with the attention to detail that you require, but elevating your experience to a new level that is precisely tailored to your unique needs and expectations.

Flying privately allows you, your family and friends to travel in luxury, comfort and privacy and with access to private terminals, you avoid the chaos of crowded airports and long queues through security. You can board the aircraft minutes before take-off, and arrive at your destination with the minimum amount of fuss.

For our VIP guests, Avcair guarantees your privacy and our discretion. We work closely with your security provider to ensure your safety on all aspects of your charter and we will always source the right aircraft to suit your requirements and cater for any number of passengers.

Private jet charter is an entirely customisable way to travel, and provides you with the flexibility to experience your flight the way you want to. Avcair’s routes criss-cross across the country and we can take you to Australia’s most remote destinations, providing you with unique opportunities to experience the natural beauty of Australia up close. Imagine taking a special decent to enjoy a closer view of the breath-taking Uluru!

You can travel in superior style and luxury from coast to coast, covering all mainland States and Territories. One of the great benefits of Private Jet charter is that you are not restricted to big city destinations, and we can deliver you to the most convenient local airport. Some of our aircraft can operate on airstrips that are less than 1000m in length, so whether it’s one of Australia’s most popular big cities or a remote airstrip in the Northern Territory, Avcair provides a fast, flexible and convenient way to travel.

Avcair caters for travel to most international destinations, and we understand what it is that makes private travel so special. With extensive experience handling in small local airports, we can tailor your travel needs to land you safely at the most remote or exotic locations, and with the Gulfstream, you’ll not only experience the luxury, comfort and convenience of air charter services, but you’ll also arrive there faster.

Whether it is Tahiti, the Isle of Pines, one of India’s many airports or the popular destinations such as London, New York, Hong Kong, Bali or the Maldives, our dedication to offering a high-quality service allows Avcair to provide a VIP jet travel service like none other.

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